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How to use rsync to sync remote and local filesystems or servers

Trying to transfer a website with a lot of files from an old hacked server to a new one I used the following command. I also tried to use the sftp protocol. I also tried to transfer the compressed file to a public folder and download it from there but Apache didn't seem to handle it properly. rsync was and will be the command of my choice for the next years to come it seems. PS: Make sure you also check the related article on DigitalOcean.

Override the default Opigno LMS navigation menu

I recently used Opigno LMS for a client's project. It's actually a LMS distribution of Drupal. It supports WebEx meetings, Lessons, even PDF Certificates after you complete a Course. In my case though I needed Lessons but no PDF Certificates. Disabling the proper apps/modules wasn't anything out of the ordinary Drupal procedure. What was lacking though was a way to override the main menu to not display the My Achievements item.My Achievements is enabled as long as the Opigno Quiz App (@see Lessons above) is enabled and no hook exists to override this functionality. To disable it I had to create a custom theme using the Platon theme as a base (Platon is the default theme of the Opigno LMS) and copy 3 functions of Platon's template.php file to my theme's template.php with the proper modifications to get what I wanted.See the code below...