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Install Ubuntu on disk with Windows with both GUID and MBR partitions

This is actually a reminder for me. The original answer is found at

What I had done in my case was the following:
I was in a new PC where everything required SATA connections. I thought my old ATA optical drives would work but no chance obviously. My only solution was to use the one and only 4GB USB stick I found somewhere roaming around the house.

At first, I installed Ubuntu 12.04.  I created my partitions etc. I then had to delete my 4GB in order to get Windows into it. Unfortunately, I found no way to install Windows 7 without deleting Ubuntu 12.04. So... I formatted the whole drive once again and I installed Windows. Now I was ready to install Ubuntu. In this case, I decided to install 13.10... But!

Ubuntu 12.04 had created a GPT record. Windows deleted the partitions found in this GPT record but not the record itself. Instead, it created its MBR record - leaving the GPT record intact. Empty but still there. As a result Ubuntu read the whole disk as unallocated spa…