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CsCart - Guest checkout only

One of our clients needed a redesign of the checkout process of his website. Even though, it would be easier for me if it was a Ubercart or DrupalCommerce eshop, it was CsCart and I had to make my hands dirty. Or not...

The fact that I didn't really know the logic behind this system, I was obliged to think practically. The original checkout process needs 4 different forms to be submitted. The modified checkout process also submits 4 different forms. But no buttons exist for the checkout. The only button seen by the user is the "Complete checkout" button. Every other button is hidden and forms are submitted with jQuery .blur() calls when the input fields of each form have changed from their previous values. I must also say that the new checkout only allowed Guest Checkout. Every other option was removed.

Anyway, everything until now was just Javascript and CSS modifications in one tpl file. But we had another problem. The website also had registered users and CsCart has a…

Pronounceable passwords

Sometimes you might want to provide your clients with a password. You know how clients are. They want to be a password easy to remember and passwords like eS#$j12 are not what you would call easy to remember unless you find a certain pattern. On the other hand, passwords like hesVom2 are easier to remember. Even if hesVom2 doesn't mean anything, it is pronounceable. It is easy to remember. "He's Vom two" after all. Let's try another one... KnaitEltus3. It's also pronounceable "Knight Eltus Three". It's kind of epic too.
Anyways, just click at MSD Services and you will be able to generate as many pronounceable passwords as you want.