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IS is better than IS NOT

This just a small assumption. After creating a View with Drupal and enabling a filter by Taxonomy Term and selecting what the Term must NOT be, the whole View and pages relative to it started hanging. I then changed the Taxonomy Term to what it MUST be. And everything started functioning again...

Pinholder: Prefixr

In case you want your website a fully crossbrowser CSS check the following website:

1) Just copy-paste your CSS or leave the default to see a demo and press the Prefixize button.

3) The copy and paste the newly generated code back to your file.

You may wonder where is number (2)! Well, the website adds lots of lines in your code.
For example this:
gets replaced by the following lines:
You may say that "This is crossbrowser CSS! You can't do anything else!". As a result, what I think as number (2) is to backup your code to another file ex. global.css.bck but to only load in your website the global.css that contains the CSS retrieved from

Pinholder: I will create a custom module with jTag in the future

You may find demos to understand what jTag does at Something similar to jTag is the solution found at but I prefer jTag.

As for what I want to do... I want to create a custom module to rewrite the backend of a website holding events. More information when more is coded.

In the meantime, the most important is this:

UC Alpha DeltaPay

Make sure to check my latest module UC Alpha DeltaPay! I copy-paste part of the description:
Adds a payment method to Ubercart to accept credit card payments through Alpha DeltaPay (Greek bank).
The original code for Drupal 6.x and Ubercart 2.x was originally created from GiorkosK and may be found at The module for Drupal 7.x and Ubercart 3.x though is a complete rewrite of the code.

I would also like to mention an issue that needs solving but until now, noone has solved it.

Most, if not all, Greek banks, authorize payments from only one URL. As a result, if we have a multilingual website, this payment method may be used only by one language and the administrator would have to set a proper condition to hide it in other languages. To most properly understand this, read the following examples:

(Greek - URL #1)  :
(English - URL #2):

In case anyon…