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Drupal: Comments on a separate page

Many users try to separate the content of a node in Drupal with its comments. What is sure, is that there is no capability of doing this from the adminstration UI of your Drupal Site. There are some solutions though about this. You could use the module comment_display and have the comments appear wherever you want, just with adding a within your page.tpl.php file.

I haven't actually used the module, but that's what it says. So... Who am I to disagree? By observing the code, I would say I think it does what it says. Anyways, I needed this functionality implemented in my own site and I had no knowledge of the existance of this module. That's why I created one of my own. It doesn't actually create a hierarchy like normal comments. You can't, for example, reply to a comment of a user. You just reply to the content. But this was nothing not indended for what I needed it for.

What my module does, along with a small modification to the theme files used(1 modification to