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Drupal: Multi-site and Signing-in once

With Drupal a developer has many different choices in order to help him create a multi-site installation.

First of all, we should clarify what needs we have. We might need different modules in each site, but we might, also, need different themes, different names and nothing else. We might need to create affiliate sites with one common sign-in. All this can be done with drupal.

The drupal way (without using any modules) is to create different folders under the sites folder. The installation already contains sites/all and sites/default. By creating folders below: 1. sites/all/modules 2. sites/all/themes 3. sites/default/modules 4. sites/default/themes 5. sites/example 6. sites/example/modules 7. sites/example/themes we allow drupal to associate different (sub)domains with the same installation but with different modules and enabled.

Under sites/all/modules and sites/all/themes are placed the modules and themes that will be available to all (sub)domains. In contrary, under sites/default/…