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Drupal: Migrate image styles from D7 to D8

Recently, I needed to do such a thing. Unfortunately, there is no easy upgrade process. You have to recreate the image styles one by one. In my case each and every image style used a custom image effect for resizing images; so I needed to upgrade the image effect module too.

After enabling my image effect module, I created an image style from the UI exactly as it was in D7.

Then I used Configuration Management module to export the image.xxxxxx.yml file containing the configuration. In my case it was something like the following:

langcode: en status: true dependencies: module: - my_custom_image_effects name: teaser_thumbnail_620dp_xhdpi label: teaser-thumbnail for 620dp-xhdpi (scale) effects: 0f65ef39-260c-453e-b157-6e031d11adc0: uuid: 0f65ef39-260c-453e-b157-6e031d11adc0 id: minimum_resize weight: 1 data: width: '1240' height: '' upscale: false pipeline: '' Step #1 I created a new module in D7, using the Features…

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